Cybersecurity Journey: A Beginner’s Roadmap with TryHackMe


In the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity, the need for skilled professionals has never been greater. With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated, the demand for knowledgeable and trained individuals in this field is on a constant rise. For beginners aspiring to carve a niche in this dynamic sector, the question often arises – where to begin? This is where TryHackMe steps in, offering an immersive and structured learning path for aspiring cybersecurity enthusiasts. This article dives into the comprehensive training levels provided by TryHackMe, guiding beginners from their first steps to more advanced stages in the realm of cybersecurity. Whether you’re a complete novice or someone with a basic understanding of IT, this guide offers a step-by-step pathway to hone your skills in ethical hacking and cyber defense.

Level 1 – Getting Started
Level 2 – Tooling
Level 3 – Crypto & Hashes with CTF Practice
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Level 4 – Web
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cyber security learning roadmap
Level 5 – Reverse Engineering
Level 6 – Networking
Level 7 – Privilege Escalation
Level 8 – CTF Practice
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  • Medium: VulvNet: Active, Buffer Overflow Prep, Dogcat, Eavesdropper, Surfer, Ollie.
Level 9 – Windows

This structured approach from TryHackMe covers a broad spectrum of cybersecurity topics, providing a solid foundation for anyone looking to start or enhance their skills in this field.


Embarking on a journey in cybersecurity can seem daunting at first, but with structured and well-guided training, it becomes an achievable and exciting endeavor. TryHackMe’s comprehensive training program offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, ensuring that beginners are not only introduced to the fundamentals but also get to practice and apply their learning in real-world scenarios. From understanding the basics of networking and Linux to mastering advanced techniques in privilege escalation and reverse engineering, tryhackme training roadmap is designed to equip aspiring cybersecurity professionals with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in this challenging field. As you complete each level, you not only gain valuable knowledge but also build a foundation for a rewarding career in cybersecurity. So, take your first step with TryHackMe and embark on a journey of learning, discovery, and professional growth in the fascinating world of cybersecurity.

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