Detecting SQL Injection Vulnerabilities with Python

Introduction: SQL injection is a common type of security vulnerability encountered in web applications. Malicious users can gain access to or manipulate databases by injecting harmful code into database queries. This article will discuss developing a simple tool using Python to detect SQL injection vulnerabilities. The Importance of Python and SQL Injection: Python is a popular language … Read more

Writing a Keylogger with Python

Introduction In today’s world, where technology is rapidly advancing, information and network security have become more crucial than ever. This article aims to delve into basic computer security concepts and learn how keyboard inputs can be monitored for educational purposes by writing a keylogger. Keyloggers are tools that record all inputs made by a user through the keyboard. While they … Read more

Machine Learning in Network Security: Preventing Cyber Attacks

Introduction Cybersecurity has become one of the most critical issues of the digital age. With technological advancements and the widespread use of the internet, the diversity and complexity of cyber threats have also increased. Traditional security systems are becoming increasingly insufficient against these constantly evolving threats, while machine learning technology emerges as a promising solution. With its ability to learn … Read more

Sending Email Through SMTP Server Using Python

Introduction Sending emails is a vital functionality in today’s software applications, and Python excels in this area with its robust libraries such as smtplib and email. This guide aims to simplify the process of email dispatch using Python, focusing on the integration with Yandex’s SMTP server. Whether you’re automating email notifications or building a system that requires email capabilities, this guide will provide … Read more

Machine Learning in Cybersecurity: An Artificial Neural

Introduction In today’s world, cybersecurity has become an ever-evolving field, thanks to the rapid development of information technologies. As the diversity and complexity of cyber attacks increase, traditional security methods are becoming insufficient. The use of machine learning technologies is gaining increasing importance, especially in areas such as malware detection, network traffic analysis, and system log examination. This article will step-by-step address a classification … Read more

What is TCPDump and Why Use It?

Introduction In the modern world, a fast and reliable internet connection is a fundamental necessity for the smooth and efficient operation of tasks. However, we may encounter issues with network connections from time to time. The internet connection might be slow, there could be difficulty accessing a particular website, or a network application might not function as expected. An effective way to … Read more

What is TShark and Why Use It?

TShark serves as the command-line counterpart to the widely acclaimed Wireshark network analysis tool. While Wireshark offers a user-friendly graphical interface, TShark operates solely through the command line, making it particularly suited for remote or headless server environments where graphical interfaces are impractical or unavailable. With its extensive range of features and robust capabilities, TShark empowers network administrators, security professionals, and system … Read more

Cybersecurity with Python: A Comprehensive Roadmap

Introduction The rapid advancement of technology and the increasing complexity of cyber threats require continuous innovation and adaptation in the cybersecurity world. This dynamic field necessitates security professionals to constantly develop new tools and techniques. In this article, we will thoroughly explore how to begin your journey in developing cybersecurity tools using Python. Why Python in Cybersecurity? Why … Read more

CrackMapExec: Network Security Audit and Privilege Escalation Tool

Network security is a vital component of today’s information technology infrastructures. Preventing attackers from infiltrating your network and testing existing defense mechanisms are among the core responsibilities of security professionals. CrackMapExec (CME), a tool developed for such requirements, serves as a robust solution for network security auditing and privilege escalation. What is CrackMapExec? CrackMapExec (CME) is an open-source tool commonly used during … Read more

SSH Commands and Usages Cheat Sheet

Introduction SSH (Secure Shell) is a secure remote access protocol that enables encrypted communication between computers over a network. SSH is commonly used to securely connect to servers and other network devices, remotely execute commands, copy files, and perform other network management tasks. In this article, we will explain what SSH is and outline some basic SSH commands. What is SSH? SSH is … Read more

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