Advanced Books for Machine Learning from Experts(Part 2)


In the second part of our series on fundamental books for machine learning, we delve deeper into the field by exploring advanced topics and recommendations from experts. As technology continues to evolve, mastering advanced concepts in machine learning becomes increasingly essential. In this article, we will introduce advanced books that cover topics such as mastering machine learning on cloud platforms, probabilistic machine learning, and advanced machine learning techniques with Python.

Learning Objectives

The objective of this article is to provide insights into advanced concepts in machine learning and recommend books that cover these topics comprehensively. We aim to explore the expertise of leading authors in the field and provide readers with resources to deepen their understanding of advanced machine learning techniques(Fundamental Books for Machine Learning from Experts (Part 1)).

Exploring Advanced Topics in Machine Learning

As machine learning continues to evolve, understanding advanced topics becomes crucial for practitioners looking to stay ahead in the field. Here are some advanced concepts and recommended books:

  1. “Mastering Machine Learning on AWS” – Written by Dr. Dipanjan Sarkar and et al., this book delves into mastering machine learning techniques on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. It covers advanced topics such as deploying machine learning models at scale, building custom machine learning solutions using AWS services, and optimizing machine learning workflows for performance and cost-efficiency(on amazon).
  2. “Probabilistic Machine Learning: Advanced Topics” – Authored by Kevin P. Murphy, this book explores advanced topics in probabilistic machine learning. It delves into probabilistic graphical models, Bayesian methods, variational inference, and probabilistic deep learning techniques. This book is ideal for practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of probabilistic modeling and its applications in machine learning(on amazon).
  3. “Advanced Machine Learning with Python” – Written by John Hearty, this book provides insights into advanced machine learning techniques and their implementation using Python. It covers topics such as ensemble learning, deep reinforcement learning, time series analysis, and natural language processing. With hands-on examples and practical exercises, this is suitable for intermediate to advanced Python programmers seeking to enhance their machine learning skills(on amazon).


As the field of machine learning continues to advance, staying updated with the latest trends and mastering advanced concepts becomes imperative for practitioners. The recommended in this article offer comprehensive coverage of advanced topics in machine learning, providing readers with valuable insights and practical knowledge. Whether you’re interested in mastering machine learning on cloud platforms, exploring probabilistic modeling, or advancing your skills with Python, these books serve as invaluable resources for your journey in machine learning.

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